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Workshop on HFC Management: Session 3 - Finance and technology transfer (Facilitator: Mr. Peter Adler/Rapporteur: Ms. Gudi Alkemade (Netherlands))

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 Session 3 - Finance and technology transfer: Workshop on HFC Management

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Facilitator: Mr. Peter Adler
Rapporteur: Ms. Gudi Alkemade (Netherlands)


1. Mr. Erik Pedersen (Independent)Cost of conversion to non-HFC technologies (GWP)
2. Mr. John Thompson (Vice Chair, Executive Committee)Mechanisms and policies of the Multilateral Fund that are relevant to HFC management now and in the future
3. Mr. Chandra Bhushan (Independent)Opportunities, challenges and benefits of HFC leap-frog: possible global regime on finance and technology transfer for HFCs phase-down

Resource panellists

1. Mr. Eduardo Ganem (Secretariat of the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol)
2. Mr. Husamuddin Ahmadzai (Sweden)
3. Ms. Zhou Xiaofang (China)
4. Mr. Philippe Chemouny (Canada)
5. Ms. Katia Simeonova (Framework Convention on Climate Change)
6. Mr. Anil Sookdeo (Global Environment Facility (GEF))


This part of the web site allows participants to submit comments and questions from the floor through their laptops or other electronic devices for consideration during each session of the workshop. This is useful for enabling the participants to raise comments and questions conveniently, and discreetly, if that is their wish.

In each session, questions and comments will be taken up in 3 rounds as follows:

Round #1What are the remaining issues to be resolved and what are the key barriers and gaps that stand in the way?
Round #2What specifically do we agree and disagree on?
Round #3What options should be tabled for bridging to resolution?

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